What Is Fumigation And How Is It Done?

Fumigation is a way of controlling pests that attack a home or a living area. It is what happens when a gaseous pesticide is spayed within a building. This pesticide then suffocates of poisons these pests, killing them. You fumigate your house to eliminate bed bugs, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, and termites. So if your home is infested with bugs and rats, you should consider calling your local pest control company. You will discuss with them on the best approach. While many infestations are bad, not all of them require fumigation.


Preparing for fumigation

There are several things you should do before fumigating your property.

• Before you can begin fumigation, it is essential to discuss your options with a pest control company. They will help you determine the extent of your infestation and identify which pest is causing your problems.

• After that, you will have to make arrangements to be away from your house. You may move to a hotel or stay with your relatives for a few days as the pest control company does its job.

• You will leave your keys at the company office. This will give them access to your house, and they will do their job.

• Take care to remove all living things from your home. Do not leave your pets or potted plants in the house. Doing so will cause them to harm or lead to their death.

• Make sure to remove or securely seal all foodstuff and medicines in airtight fumigation bags. You may have to move perishable foods or consume them before leaving. Dry foods should be removed, but canned and bottled goods that are still sealed may remain.

• Make sure you leave all the doors inside your house open. This will allow the fumigant to travel through all the rooms of your entire home.

What Chemicals will be used to fumigate my house?

Several chemicals are commonly used as fumigants. These are:

• Magnesium Phosphide

This is a solid fumigant that comes in powder or granular form. It is mixed with acid to becomes toxic to pests

• Methyl Bromide

Methyl Bromide is also commonly used for farming. It is quite a potent agent, and it is banned in some countries

• Hydrogen Cyanide

Hydrogen Cyanide is inorganic and reaches its boiling point at room temperature. It smells like almonds but is very toxic. It kills rats but should be treated with care as it can kill humans too

How is fumigation done?

Fumigation is typically done in three days and two nights. On the first day, the building is covered with heavy-duty tents which are secured to the ground. The fumigator inspects and prepares the interior of the house. He also places warnings signs in specific locations. The exterior is sealed, and interior is prepared. The fumigant is pumped into the structure for a preset amount of time. On the second day, a preinstalled outlet is opened to begin the aeration process. On the third day, the fumigators remove the heavy-duty tents. One agent will test the air quality. If it is safe to return to the house, they will remove the warning signs and complete the fumigation.

How frequently should we fumigate?

For you to determine how often you should fumigate your home, you need expert information. Contact a professional pest control agent to come and conduct a thorough inspection of your house and its environment. These agents are very efficient at their work and will unearth areas and holes that host pests and the type of pest that is most likely to attack your home. Some pests are not easily visible and may be present in your home without your knowledge.


After completing their inspection, they will give you a complete report of all the issues that affect your home, how bad they are, and what it will take for you to get rid of them. They will create a schedule that will permanently get rid of your pest problems. They will also appear at every scheduled date to ensure that all the prevention measures you set are maintained.

You should let your situation determine how often you fumigate your home. You may not need to fumigate your home frequently once you do it for the first time. Your pest control agent will give you effective prevention measures.

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