How to Get Rid Of Bird Problem

Similar to most of the countries, you will likewise come across the pest bird problem in Singapore as well. The majority of these birds are in the habit of flocking together in huge numbers causing lots of discomfort to the individuals who are staying nearby. They can also cause extensive damage to the environment as well as properties too. It can prove to be quite expensive to repair residences that have suffered extensive damage because of these birds.

Bird Problem

In case you happen to be a resident of Singapore and are experiencing pest bird problems, make it a point to follow the subsequent guidelines so as to prevent this from happening in the future.

1. Drain any stagnant water

It is natural for the birds to love stagnant water where they tend to drink at regular intervals. However, it will be possible to get rid of these unwanted birds by draining out any stagnant water in the close vicinity of your residence. In case there is any swimming pool within your property, it will be a sensible idea to make use of a bird repellent that will help to keep off these undesirable creatures.

2. Cut off any source of food

This particular step will force the birds to relocate to another place in search of food. Try not to treat them unintentionally and, for this, make it a point not to leave any leftover behind. Make it a point to clean up after finishing your meals and also get rid of any leftover properly. In case there is any pet inside your residence, always feed them within an enclosed area so that the pest birds are not able to gain access to those food items. Apart from this, do not forget to cover the trash cans properly so as to prevent these birds from accessing the food inside. Over time, this will help you in eliminating these unwanted pests once and for all.

3. Use bird birth control

Most of these birds particularly the pigeons have the propensity of multiplying in large numbers within a short span of time. One surefire solution to prevent this from happening will be to provide birth control medication disguised as food items to these birds. After consuming these birth control medicines, these birds will be laying eggs which are not going to hatch at all. On some occasions, they will not be laying any egg whatsoever. This procedure works particularly in case of pigeons and you’ll come across lots of these birth control medications in Singapore at present.

4. Hire experts

On most occasions, it will not be possible for you to solve the problem on your own. This is because you do not have adequate experience in doing so. On the contrary, the professionals know much better than you regarding this matter and they will be able to perform a successful elimination task that is bound to satisfy you eventually. As a matter of fact, you will find lots of reliable and experienced pest control companies in Singapore and all you need is to select the ideal one for you offering effective service at a comparatively reasonable rate.

5. Use bird repellent

It is a fact that most of the birds prefer to nest around signage, AC units, and so forth. In such cases, make it a point to pull down the signage in case it is not that important. Otherwise, it will also be a sensible idea to get rid of the bird droppings and paint the area so as to prevent them from returning. Keep in mind that birds often rest on some detrimental locations like electrical transformers that can lead to serious accidents which you will find difficult and expensive to repair.

Bird Problem


Birds causing damages to properties and individuals have become a serious issue in Singapore in recent times. Pest birds especially pigeons are fond of urban areas and hopefully, these above-mentioned guidelines will help you to fix this issue once and for all. You have every right to protect the environment as a responsible citizen of Singapore, and these tips will help you to do just that. The government of Singapore is also trying to take adequate measures against these unwanted birds and expectantly, the residents of Singapore will soon be able to overcome this problem in the near future.

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