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Termites are one of those pests that you would never want to see in your house or in the premises of your house. These pests are also known as white Ants among many people. Although these pest do not bite you if they are not really big in size and many people may consider them completely harmless as well. But experts and regular people consider that as one of the deadliest and most complex pests in Singapore. And if you are planning to use a simple can pest control pesticide, then you need to understand it will be completely useless for you. In a fully grown termite’s nest, that nest can have millions of termites in it and using a pest control can, you will be able to kill only few hundred of them.

So, what you should do in this situation? In this situation you should always remember this simple thing that you do not disturb the home of termites after finding them. Instead of that you should always contact a professional and experienced pest control company that can remove it completely from your house. Always remember, if you will disturb them once, then they will make nest at various places in your house and even an experts and experienced pest Control Company will find it really hard to find their nest and they will face complication in its removal.

In Singapore, you cannot find a single place where cockroaches are not living with human being. In all these places you will find so many cockroaches in dark corners with a hope of finding their food. In case, you are wondering about infection of cockroaches in your house or premises, then check if you have following signs of their infection in your premises.
I. Strong and very strange smell.II. You see so many cockroaches in your house or premises.III. You get damages in your food packaging.IV. You see skin or shell of cockroaches.

You have to understand this simple fact that cockroaches can have really strong lifespan. So, if you will use normal pesticides or pest control for them, then you might get a relief, but it will not be a permanent solution for you. Those pest control solution will not be able to reach to dipper areas such as man holes, rubbish chutes, or sewer openings. These places are common nesting place for cockroaches and if your pesticide can’t reach there then it won’t be able to kill them and they will continuously breed their younger offspring’s. If you have any kind of suspicion that your house is infested with cockroaches, then it is a wise idea that you instantly contact a trustworthy pest control company. They will be able to do the inspection in a professional manner and if you have infestation in your house, then they will be able to remove it for you.

In Singapore, climate remains warm and humid for entire year and that is why mosquitos can affect almost every individual in Singapore. In case, you are suffering from this problem at really high level then it is possible that you have some breeding ground of mosquitos near your home. Normally mosquitos live for 1 week and that is why it is suggested that you remove still and opens water from your home or nearby places. For this, you can remove the flowers water pot, collected rain water in open similar places can become the house of mosquitos. If you still not able to get rid of mosquitos even after removing the water then you should call some experts for the pest control work.

When you call them then then make sure you choose an NEA certified pest control firm to do the inspection of your home, so they can ensure your home and surrounding is free from mosquitos breeding. Because of mosquitos you would never want to damage your holiday plan nor would y like to risk the safety and health of your family. That is why it is strongly recommended that you follow all the safety procedures and you keep them away from your home or premises.

Bed bugs are also known as booklice in common language. They small bed bugs remain hidden in walls or cracks next to air-conditioning units. These small pests are mostly just like termites and they may seem harmless to you. Sometime they may have four wings also along with a chewing mouth. You can find them in various wet and damp places including bathroom, kitchen, or in your book. You can also find them in bed and mostly they do not harm you in any ways. But in a normal situation, you would never want to seem bed bugs in your house. To get rid of bed bugs in a complete manner, only an expert pest control company can help you in the best possible way. If you will use regular method then you might supress bed bugs for a short time, but they will come back again with more infestation. That is why taking help of a pest control company is the best way to get rid of bed bugs in Singapore.

If you have infestation of rodent in your home, then it can lead you to so many complex problems. And if you see following signs then you may have rodents’ infestations in your home or in your premises.
I. Smell of rodent urine and smell in your home.II. Constant damage in packaging of food.III. Some weird and greasy marks at various places.IV. Many holes at various places in your home.

If you see above sign, then you can confidently assume you have rodent’s infestation in your premises.
Rodent are very tough animal as their can adapt to survive in a quick manner. Normally you can find under your less used furniture, inside the walls voids and inside your unused appliances as well. Normally they would consume anything that humans leave and that is why you might find them next to the garbage boxes as well. You should never take this infestation lightly because they can easily spread the contamination and they might have more than 35 bacteria’s that can cause various health issues in human including Asthma and various kinds of allergies. Other than this, they create various damages to the structure of your building as well and they may cause fire also by disturbing the electrical wires.

So, when you notice this problem in your premises, then you should instantly call and NEA certified pest control firm to deal with the situation. An NEA certified pest Control Company will not only check the level of infestation but it will also help you remove the rodents completely by various means including blocking of their reproduction.

If you will leave unattended food or organic edibles in your home, then you will surely find ants around that food or edible material. Did you ever give a thought how all the ants find a way to the reaming or leftover food or how they reach to your house. Normally ants that attack your home are found in garden and they reach to your home to get some food and that is why they are also known as sweet tooth pest.

If you want to keep ants away from your house, then following are few ways for that.
i. Keep your food in tightly packed jars. You cannot have any assurance when ants will come in your house for food.ii. If you spill any food, clear it immediately. iii. You should clean food debris from under the appliances and other places.iv. Make sure you keep your dustbin tightly sealed.v. If you have any kind of pets in your house, then make sure you clear their food after they consume it.
If you think you are not able to get rid of ants even after doing above things, then you should contact a pest control company for that. In this situation, you might have ants infestation in your house. It is ok that they will not give any kind of diseases to you, but still you might feel uncomfortable with them. So, contact some experts and get rid of them as soon as possible.
Snakes with poison effects

The most important rule of dealing with a snake is that you should stay away from them. You never know which snake is venomous, so never try to catch them. In this situation, you should reach to a safe distance from where you can watch the snake. After that you shall call some professional pest control company or snake catcher for this.

If you live next to a forested locality, then following are few suggestions that you can try to keep snakes away from your home.

i) Avoid any kind of big holes in your fencing in case of heavy forestation next to your home.

ii) Keep your garden trim and tidy so you can prevent the nesting of any snake in your garden.

iii) Do not have any kind of water deposition in your home because that will attract frogs or rodents and snakes will come there for their eating.

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