Pest Control Methods

They are our invariable "neighbors" in the garden, in the apartment - from the kitchen and window sills to the closets and wardrobes. Only now such a neighborhood is unlikely to bring joy to someone.

Pest Control Methods

To create a magnificent garden is talent, patience and a lot of work. After all, every beautiful flower and lush bush or a grown crop of vegetables is backed by daily care and care.

Insect control - physical methods

The fight against harmful insects has been conducted by mankind from time immemorial, because often the main danger of insect pests is not only in harming supplies and crops, but also in the fact that they spread various infectious diseases, and some also provoke allergies, and sometimes severe forms.

The simplest ways of dealing with insects are physical or mechanical. These include the collection of insects or their larvae by hand, as well as the use of various traps and light traps. Such methods work not for all groups of insects, but they allow to achieve certain success, in particular, in the fight against garden pests.

The method has a preventive nature and includes such works as digging the soil, timely removal of weeds, pruning, and destruction of dry and damaged branches, preventive treatment of planting material.

Speaking about this group of methods, it should be mentioned that insects are deprived of their “food base”: food residues should be removed to avoid the reproduction of flies, cockroaches or ants, plants damaged by the pest should be removed to stop the reproduction of insects, etc.

Insect control - chemical methods

Chemical methods of pest control - insects, mites, rodents - are based on the use of chemicals that cause the death of adult pests and/or its larvae. Among the chemical agents used to control insects, there are relatively harmless (for example, traditionally used solutions of soap or ash, preparations of boric acid), and extremely toxic. The use of chemical agents can harm the environment, pets, and people. Besides, the problem of adaptation of harmful insects to the used preparation remains open.

The fight against insect pests with the help of repellents is reduced to scaring living individuals away from the place where the source containing the repellent is located. The chemical group of repellents is often represented by fairly innocuous natural compounds, for example, essential oils, the only "minus" of which is a strong odor. By virtue of their harmlessness, repellents based on natural substances are added to creams, lotions and emulsions applied to the skin to protect against harmful insects.

Ultrasonic repellents, whose principle of operation is to imitate an alarming squeak, such as a male mosquito, are deprived of this disadvantage - such a sound will scare away females that are dangerous to humans.

Insect control - biological methods

Biological methods of insect control include the use of birds, animals, and even predatory or parasitic insects to kill pests. In addition, the phytoncide method is used. It is noticed that some plants protect themselves independently from certain insects due to the content of repellent substances. In this case, it is enough to plant these plants where protection against insects of a certain species is required.

Another variety - the genetic method - is to saturate the insect population with specially grown in vitro sterile males: as a result, the pest population dies due to the impossibility of reproduction.

Also in development is the biological bait method, which consists in using traps in which the gland extract of female insects is placed. The smell attracts males of the same species at considerable distances, forcing them to end up in a trap.

The microbiological method of pest control consists of sowing viruses or bacteria that cause diseases of insects in the places of their mass reproduction.

Pest Control Methods

Mosquito control

While the development of new methods of combating insect pests is still underway, since new problems arise, for example, with the entry of pests that are not characteristic of the area, along with transport, cargo, etc. insects can be considered solved. This also applies to the fight against mosquitoes, even in open areas:

The MKS (Mosquito Killing System) system offered at our online store reduces the harmful effects of these blood-sucking insects to zero, providing a new level of safety for people and the environment, as it uses eco-friendly methods of extermination based on the biological behavior of mosquitoes.

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