What Smell Does Mosquito Hate?

Mosquitoes are one of the world’s most harmful pests and seemingly indestructible pests, and for years on end Singapore’s National Environment Agency have been trying to put these pests under control. It is however a losing fight if the citizens of Singapore themselves don’t join the fight. One of the most effective factors that affect mosquitoes either positively or negatively is scent, and most mosquito repellants rely on this. However, some mosquito repellents are not only harmful to mosquitoes but to human beings as well. So, what smells do mosquitoes hate?

What Smell Does Mosquito Hate?

1. Garlic

Mosquitoes hate garlic and everything associated with it, including smell. To be a repellant against mosquitoes, incorporate garlic in your diet, and mosquitoes will avoid you. If you don’t like the taste of garlic don’t worry, you can just crush it and rub the fluid on your body; that will turn these bloodsucking pests away too. If that is still an unfavorable option for you, buy minced garlic and sprinkle it at a distance of at least 3 feet from your bed. That way you keep mosquitoes off you without using much money and without putting your health at risk.

2. Catnip

Catnip is associated with a unique order that makes it very attractive to cats. The essential oil behind this odor is known as nepetalactone. This odor is however not only attractive to cats, but has also been proven to be ten times more repellant to mosquitoes compared to DEET, the commercial mosquito repellant. Comparing the capabilities of the two repellants, and putting into consideration that DEET is harmful to brain cells, Catnip is definitely a better option. You can repel mosquitoes by growing Catnip in your compound or by applying Catnip essential oil on your body. You are guaranteed not to come into contact with mosquitoes at any given time, and if you like cats, you just might find several coming around.

3. Lavender Oil
Lavender oil is one of the most used mosquito repellant. It also smells nice and is believed to have a number of healing properties. There are a lot of vendors and beauty shops selling Lavender essential oil in Singapore and as such, you are guaranteed of finding some at an affordable price. Just rub it on your body and you will not only smell good, you will also be mosquito proof.

4. Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

Research conducted on this oil’s capability to ward off mosquitoes showed that it worked in a similar manner to mosquito repellants containing low concentrations of DEET, but without the health risks that come with DEET. It’s widely available, and all it takes to make you intangible is applying it on your body. You will keep off mosquitoes, smell nice and get the benefits that come with applying lemon eucalyptus oil on your skin, getting three benefits all at the same time without parting with much money.

5. Neem Oil

Neem oil is used in the manufacturing of many cosmetic products, including soap, hair, and body creams. It is not only a beauty product ingredient, but also as a pest repellant, repelling a lot of pests, including mosquitoes. To use this oil as a mosquito repellant, all you have to do is use any of the cosmetics products on your body. Even though all of them have been proven to work, body creams have a longer lasting effect. It also has some additional benefits like treatment of skin diseases, so it’s a win-win for you.

6. Citronella

The scent that Citronella gives off has been proven to be an effective mosquito repellant. There are a lot of mosquito repellant products made from citronella, but among them, there are some that may have no effect at all on mosquitoes. They may even increase the risk of mosquito bites. Why? Mosquitoes generally like sweet smells, and as such, if your goal is to repel mosquitoes, make sure the Citronella product you buy is not made with fragrance oil. Dilute this oil with a carrier oil and apply it on your body and you are guaranteed of safety from mosquito bites.

All these smells have been scientifically proven to have mosquito repellant properties, and they are not only affordable but also widely available in Singapore. However, to avoid your efforts going to waste, avoid using products that make your blood attractive to mosquitoes, like beer for instance.

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