Purpose of Pest Control And Common Types Of Pests in Singapore

Singapore is an ostentatious city with sky tall buildings and luxurious surroundings. However, it is also prone to pests attacks. Controlling pests is a great challenge, and we have to know methods to eradicate them. Gaining knowledge about pest control is important to keep a check on the pests.

Pest Control And Common Pests

What is Pest Control?

Pest Control is the method of reducing or annihilating pests that cause enormous disturbance to human lifestyle.

Purpose of Pest Control

• The purpose of pest control is to protect your household and your family from pests like insects, rodents, and parasites that are potential carriers of disease and fill your space with dirt.

• Some pests can cause damage to your home interiors that cost you a fortune.

It is important to know the factors affecting pests growth. It helps to stop or control the growth of the pests.

Factors affecting pest growth

1. Your Location

Some homes are located mid-cities while some may be near to the woods. The home located near woods or surrounded by bushes, shrubs, and trees are said to be more vulnerable to the intrusion of pests.

2. The prior intrusion

If not properly removed, pests may return. It is necessary to eradicate pests without leaving any trace to avoid repeated intrusion.

3. Home Materials

A home filled with plenty of furniture attracts pests like termites. Some pests get attracted to the flour and other food items in the kitchen, while some get attracted to cloths.

4. Condition of your home

Some homes are clean and often conduct overall maintenance like painting, covering cracks and so on. There are homes which have poor maintenance. Homes with poor maintenance attract more pests into them.

Common types of pests in Singapore

1. Termites

Termites are the most common pests in Singapore. They grow on moist surfaces. They mostly feed on wood, cardboard materials, and books. They build subsidiary nests that require less or no moisture, which is the cause of their intrusion even in taller buildings.

2. Rats

Rats are also common in Singapore. They intrude houses through holes or gaps that lead into the building. They feed on our food, water and leave their excreta near them. Touching or coming with contact to rat's excreta causes serious deadly infections.

3. Mosquitos

A bite of a mosquito can cause life-threatening diseases like dengue, malaria, and Chikungunya. Mosquitoes grow and multiply in the unclean water.

4. Cockroaches

Cockroaches create irritation. They enter our homes through vents, cracks, crevices, pipe drains, and sewers. They reproduce and multiply in a very short time.

5. Ants

Ants are comparatively less poisonous but cause more disturbance in our daily life. They feed on leftover sweet food. Their tiny appearance makes it nearly impossible to eradicate them on the whole.

6. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are rare in residential spots of Singapore. However, they cause distress in public places like movie theatres and hotel rooms.

Pest Control And Common Pests

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services in Singapore deploy various methods to manage and control pests. Let us see the pest control methods based on the pests.

Termite Controlling Methods

Termite Controlling methods are of two types. Before Construction treatment and After construction treatment.

• Before Construction soil treatment

Chemicals to keep away termites are spread in the soil before laying slabs.

• After Construction

Homes that haven't done soil treatment before use soil treatment method by drilling holes into the soil and applying the chemical to the soil.

Rodents Controlling methods

Rodents like rats can be controlled using

• Ultrasonic repellents -
A method that uses high-frequency noise to irritate rats to drive them away.

• Traps -
This is a common yet effective method. Traps are either classic snag traps, glue boards or Zapper traps that use electricity to kill rodents.

• Bait -
Poisonous baits are used to kill rats after they consume them.

Bed Bugs

Steaming is an effective method to eliminate bed bugs in an eco-friendly way.


Cockroaches can be eradicated using glue strips, traps, and gel bait.


Larviciding controls the production of mosquito from the larvae stage. Thermal Fogging can only adult mosquitos


Position bait helps to kill ants from the base.

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