How to Get Rid Of Ants Naturally In My Restaurant?

It is natural to see ants outside. It does not bother anyone. But when you see the ants in your home, especially in your kitchen area, then it will definitely bother you. if you have a restaurant, then you may notice them here and there in your restaurant. You can see them tailing on the countertops of the kitchen and other area of restaurants. It is very pathetic and irritating sight. You can apply some natural tips in order to get rid of ants from your restaurant. There are so many ants removal strategies.

Ants Removal Restaurant

Different types of natural removal strategies:

You can use these natural solutions in order to get rid of ants.

Use borax:

It is the most common ingredients in the house. So, you do not need to go outside for that. You can easily find it in your house. You can use the 50/50 solution of Borax and sugar. You will have to keep in a small cap or something. Actually it is one kind of trap. Ants are actually drawn towards the sweet things. It is the best way to get rid of ants from the restaurant and kitchen area.

Baby powder:

You can also use some baby powder near the firewall at the entry point of the ants. With the scent of this powder, the ants get lost and eventually die.

Spray little vinegar:

You can also spray some vinegar near the basement area or in any types of cracks and on the countertops of the kitchen where they are generally travelling. After applying the vinegar on the surface, you will have to wait for its dryness. After that you can use a cloth to wipe it. You can also repeat this in several times in a day. This can easily prevent ants from your kitchen and restaurant as well.

Clean area:

You will have to keep your restaurant clean and clear. The clean area is less attractive to the ants. You will have to keep aside the garbage like spills, crumbs and particles of food. You will also have to store all kinds of foods, especially the sweets. You will have to keep these in tight containers. You will have to keep aside the jar of honey, sugar other sweet items. You will have to be little protective in this case. Your cleanliness is the way forward to hygiene as well.


Flour can work marvellously. You will just have to sprinkle some flours just behind your baking area. The ants will not dare to cross the line of flour. You can try it and apply it at your restaurant.


Lemons are very useful for ants removal process. It is one kind of ant-proof item in your kitchen. Lemons are very powerful that you cannot imagine. You can apply the lemon treatment in your restaurant in order to get rid of ants. You will just have to squeeze some lemon juice in the threshold and windowsills. After that you can put the lemon juice on the cracks and holes as well. Now you will have to scatter some lemon pieces outside your restaurant where the ants are travelling from. This lemon treatment can work perfectly and works like a barrier for the ants.

Ants Removal Restaurant


Ants are travelling to your restaurant in search of sweet. So, you can welcome them with pepper. You can sprinkle the pepper on the areas where the ants are travelling regularly. Pepper can help you to get rid of ants. You can also put some pepper on the ant holes and tell them good bye.

Herbs and spices:

Sugar is the main attraction for ants. So, you will have to keep sugar safe by placing a bay leaf in the container. You can use this trick in your restaurant as well. This can protect and save your restaurant from the irritating ants.

You can practice these tips in your restaurant. These natural steps will definitely help you to get rid of ants. You can also put some Vaseline near the entrance of the house. You can also use some cinnamon in order to protect your restaurant. But at first, you will have to identify the ants before using any kinds of treatment on them. Different ants need different kinds of treatments to kill.

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