How To Cure Bed Bugs Bite?

Bed bugs bite tends to be intensely itchy. Although, bed bugs are not known to carry ailments, there are often some sort of health risks associated with their bites. Treating the itch will help prevent scratching. It is vital that you avoid scratching as it could lead to a skin infection. You may unknowingly bring bed bugs home from a holiday, second hand furniture or they may have entered your home from a neighbour’s house. Bed bug bites must be quickly treated once spotted.

How To Cure Bedbugs Bite?

How To Cure Bed Bugs Bite?

Bed bugs are tiny parasites that feed on human blood. Their bites can lead to rashes. Although, these rashes are not always harmful, they can cause discomfort and itchiness. When it comes to recognizing a bed bug bite, it can appear to be similar to an itchy welt, other insect bite problems or a cystic acne. Bed bug infestation can happen in any home, at anytime. Here's how you can treat and cure bed bug bite.

Thoroughly Cleaning The Bed Bug Bites Affected Skin Area!

Once you discover that you have been bitten by a bed bug, it is a good idea to treat it like any other insect bite. However, never scratch the affected area. Firstly, you should clean the bitten area thoroughly with warm soapy water. You must ensure that all the bacteria gets cleaned up. This will prevent infection and itchiness. Use a soft, fresh and clean towel to pat dry. Apply an anti bacterial gel or ointment. This will help you to reduce soreness, scratching and puffiness.

Home Made Cure for Rashes Caused By Bed Bugs Bite!

Recognizing bedbug bites, is vital. An easy way to discover signs of this pest, is to look around the dark corners of your home and seams of mattresses. However, since they are hard to detect and can survive up to temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius, they are hard to eradicate without employing special pest control treatment. Listed below are two effective home remedies for bed bug bites:

1. Baking soda mixed with regular water -
This is an easy to prepare home made solution for treating bed bug rashes. After cleaning the affected area with soap and water and patting it dry with a soft clean towel, apply the above mixture over the rash. Leave it on for an hour before thoroughly cleaning it away.

2. Apply Corticosteroid cream -
For itchy bites, apply a corticosteroid cream. A mild cream can be obtained over the counter at any drug store. However, a doctor's prescription may be required for a stronger corticosteroid cream.

Dermatologist Treatment For Bed Bug Bites!

Bedbugs have become a significant problem in Singapore and many other countries across the world. They spread rapidly and are challenging to treat. This has caused an enormous rise of bedbug outbreaks. It does not necessarily indicate uncleanliness or poor hygiene conditions. The key to solving this problem, is to ensure that pest control service Singapore is immediately called in to treat bed bugs in your home.

For multiple bites, blisters, skin infection, red or swollen skin and allergic skin reactions, consult a reputed dermatologist. The usual prescribed treatment deals with the following:

An antibiotic is prescribed for a mild infection along with an antiseptic medication.

Allergic reaction:
The patient may be required to take an antihistamine, epinephrine or corticosteroid injection for severe allergic reactions.

Itch: You could apply a prescribed corticosteroid over the bites. Your dermatologist may also prescribe an antihistamine pill or a liquid to reduce itchiness.

Contact a leading pest control company before the bed bug problem worsens. The professionals will carry out a thorough inspection of every area of your home and suggest an effective treatment plan. Multiple visits may be required to completely eradicate the bugs and their eggs.

Reputed pest control company in Singapore offers fast, safe and effective service. They will offer the highest safety levels for your family members as well as pets. If you manage to recognize a bed bugs bite, you should treat it instantly. These bites usually go away and heal within a week or two. You should visit a dermatologist for severe itching or infection. If you do not experience any signs of a serious infection or reaction, you could consider treating the bed bugs bite at home.

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