Top 5 Myths Of Termites

Termites Myths
Knowing all about the 5 myths of termites

There are so many myths about termites. It is important to know about them in order to achieve effective termite control. A few of these false rumours are detailed below.

Termites are a part of the ant family.
This is not true. In fact, they are more closely related to cockroaches than ants. This is why there are physical similarities between cockroaches and termites. What this means is that pest control being done to remove ants may not work on termites. They would require a different kind of pest treatment.

Removal of trees removes termites too.
When forests are being leveled out or trees are being removed in order to make room for development, it is not true that the termites get destroyed or removed too. This is because the termites that nest in tree stumps or live trees will seek out new sources of food, once they lose their food supply to the building developers. Thus they can even seek out new food sources from the homes that have been newly built.

Termites can eat their way through concrete
This is simply not true. But the fact is that even brick houses that are on a concrete slab can be infested by termites. This is not because the termites are eating through concrete. On the other hand, the termites tend to access any tiny crack in the concrete. Now, more and more termites tend to pass through it making that crack a little larger. In the beginning, these original cracks may be too small to be noticed upon quick inspection. But later on, they would soon become easily noticeable. The fact remains that all houses have wooden frames, no matter whether they are made of bricks or concrete. Thus termites are able to make their way across and reach these wooden frames eventually.

Treatment in one home pushes them over to another home
This is not true. The fact remains that termite colonies are huge. This would mean that several houses in a single neighborhood would be sharing a termite colony. Thus termite control in one house among them can definitely make them more active in another home that is already infested. This is because the house is which pest control has been done will become off limits for termites. But a termite infestation can not be caused in any house by treating another one.

Termites are useless pests
It is untrue that termites serve no useful purpose. The truth is that termites are incredibly useful as well as a necessary part of our Eco system. They are able to break down dead wood in forests and turn it into soil. In fact, termites are considered as one of the first re-cycling agents on this planet. It is just that no one would want them in their home.

In order to choose the right pest control company and have effective termites control, it is important to keep all the above facts in mind. This will ensure you best results.

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