How To Kill Bed Bugs?

Kill Bed Bugs
How to kill bed bugs?

If you find bed bugs in your home, surely you wonder how they got there in the first place. Is it because you have been visiting someone’s house with bed bugs regularly and inadvertently brought them to your home or did you transport them into your home through your luggage after staying in infested hotel rooms during your business or holiday trips? Whenever you got them from, having bed bugs at home is indeed a nightmare. You wouldn’t notice them when they first ‘moved’ into your house.

However, over time, they will multiply. You may first notice little black dots at the side of your mattresses; these are bed bugs’ excretion. Later on, you will find the bed bugs in crevices of the walls or anyway with tiny gaps where the bed bugs can hide. You will soon find them feeding on your blood and leaving a characteristic mark on your arms, legs or body, causing irritation and itchiness to your skin as well as lots of distress to you. At the height of the attack, you will also find them walking across your rooms, if you crushed them, they let off a characteristic odour. How you wish you could get rid of them immediately!

Indeed, to thoroughly get rid of bed bugs is not an easy task if there is a high level of infestation. If the infestation is limited to your room and bed only, the best way to remove the bed bugs is to discard your bed and mattress, then replace the bed with a metal frame one.

However, if the whole house is infested i.e. besides the bed and mattress, there are bed bugs found in cupboards, drawers and its contents, cracks and crevices of walls and ceilings etc. in all the rooms, then the expertise of pest controllers will be desperately needed. They would inspect the premises and use the appropriate treatment to kill the bed bugs. As there are eggs that have yet to be hatched at the first visit, the pest controllers are likely to make a second visit for a more thorough killing of the beg bugs.

You would also need to wash all the clothes that could be infested with hot water to kill the bed bugs. For a thorough eradication of bed bugs, it is wise to throw away all the mattresses and replace the old wooden furniture with metal or plastic ones, as far as possible. You should seriously consider discarding the books and any stuff that are possible hiding places for the bed bugs. Also enlist the help of professional painters, who will help cover all cracks and crevices of the walls and ceilings to prevent bed bugs from hiding there.

Once, this is done, cover your home with a new coat of paint, get new furniture and mattresses for you and your family and then you can live happily in your home again. For maintenance, wash your bed sheets and clothes at warm temperature and dry them in hot weather, vacuum your house, maintain hygiene and apply bed bugs spray to your mattress regularly to rid of your nightmare completely. Now you can sleep well and sleep tight with no bed bugs bite anymore!
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