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Looking for pest control company for your office? “Pests”; the word in itself never fails to conjure up a series of disturbing images. Even the bravest among us would have at least one version of them that we find impossible to tolerate. Ladies squeal and jump onto the nearest chair in horror; grown men weep in their hearts amidst an outward pretense of bravery as they inch towards them with an extra-large can of Baygon. Even your seemingly pristine office will not be spared the occasional intrusion of these little critters, especially during the rainy season. Unfailingly, downcast skies would ensure that you are treated to the sight of all these creatures crawling out of the woodwork, seeking shelter in your workplace cubicle. What follows then, is mad hysteria and unbridled mayhem, and the sheer psychological impossibility of getting any work done for the rest of the day.

As pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, lizards, flies and ants are all carriers of viruses and diseases, their presence in your office may also result in an irreversible decrease in productivity as an increasing number of your employees and colleagues begin going on sick leave. Without a proper pest control service, you are leaving yourselves open to the risk of diseases, which are not only hazardous to their health but which also might be impossible and costly to recover from. Dengue fever, for instance, is carried by the Aedes mosquito that breeds unsuspectingly in still water, and has the potential to develop into the fatal dengue hemorrhagic fever or the equally damaging dengue shock syndrome. Getting a proper pest control service as soon as the pests come into view is probably the wisest course of action you can possibly take.

To most Singaporeans, the idea of pest control is limited to a can of Baygon or a piece of mosquito coil. While a spray of Baygon can prove lethal to the occasional unsuspecting pest, many of us are unable to contain our murderous urges and so spray much more than necessary. It must be emphasized that inhaling such pesticides can cause serious health problems and lead to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases in the long term. Moreover, the release of these chemicals also damages the environment, most notably by destroying the ozone layer. A professional pest control company, on the other hand, is equipped with in-depth knowledge and skills to tackle a variety of pest issues in the best and most effective manner. They have the technical know-how not to use excessive amounts of pesticides, and employ other trade secrets which are able to rid your office of pests efficiently.

And then there are certain pests that might pose too great a danger for you to handle yourself. Wasps and bees must be faced only by professionals with the right equipment. While most people would have no problem handling the stray insect crawling across the office floor, in the occasion when your office turns out to be the holding site for a bee or ant colony, it is time to call the professionals.

Seek professional help from those who have been trained to keep pests under control. For the sake of an office environment that is pest-free and disease-free, it is worth it. @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd provides a one stop home and office pest control service in Singapore.
Call one of our hotlines, visit our office or contact one of our many friendly pest consultant today. We are here to help!

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Small cockroaches were infesting really fast in my restaurant and i can find them everywhere despite how much i try to keep it cleaned. There was once incident where i drink from my glass and i spit on something immediately and it was a cockroaches . I decided to engage Pest Control Singapore and to be surprised, all the small cockroach were immediately eliminated within days. PS: I have tried so many different methods to get rid of those unwanted pest for months and couldn't do it and thank you god i found Pest Control Singapore. Really efficient with a great touch of service.
Mr Tan Hock Chuan
We found a snake in our landed property and we couldn't identify what kind of snake is that and is that poisonous. We called up Pest control company and they were here in just awhile and the they very professional when catching the snake.. Thanks for your help.
Robert Kingston
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