What Type Of Home Pest Is Most Dangerous to Kids?

If you have kids then you know that you must work 150% to protect them from any dangers. I am not talking about dangers such as playing on the roadside but serious dangers that are waiting to happen just at the comfort of your home. What are these dangers am talking about? Simple, pests. Singapore does not have lions, tigers or cheetahs but that does not make it safe enough.

What Type Of Home Pest Is Most Dangerous

Today I am going to focus on some of the most dangerous pests in our homes that could harm our kids. My first pest is a snake. In Singapore a while back, a mother found 7 small snakes in her little boy's wardrobe wrapped in a polythene paper. When the boy was asked where he had gotten the snakes, he said that he found 9 eggs outside their house while he was playing. He later took the eggs, wrapped them in a bag and hid in his closet. They could not identify the species of the eggs although a pest control expert said that those 'baby' snakes were just as dangerous as the mother snake.

Do you have a pet? If you are keeping a pet then you most certainly have encountered fleas. Fleas are pests that reside on an animal's fur, suck blood and lay eggs there. However, when let's say a dog is jumping around, the fleas or eggs may fall on the carpet, beddings or even cloths. The eggs will hatch and the fleas will jump around looking for a host, it is during this process that they get to little kids. Although they don't reside in humans, they will bite anyways. The most common signs that your kids have been bitten is itching and having a rash around the ankles, armpits and knees. It is even worse if that flea gets into the baby's mouth and is swallowed. Fleas carry tapeworms hence they will pass it to babies too.

Rats and mice are dangerous to kids since they spread bacterial disease to humans. The medical term for the disease is rat bite fever, it is transmitted to humans via a scratch or bite and can cause children to vomit, headache, rash and even arthritis. Although mice and rats run when they see humans, when cornered they will bite.

Another pest hazardous to children is a cockroach. As small as it is, it can pass hepatitis, salmonella and dysentery to humans. This is possible since cockroaches dissolve their food when eating leaving their saliva behind. They also excrete on food that is left unsealed while they are passing along. They also shed their skin which forms dust after a while, when inhaled it can cause asthma in little children. The worst part about these particular pests is that they breed really quickly, if you have seen just 2, call a pest control professional immediately because they will be thousands before you know it.

To always make sure that you and your kids are safe from any pests, call a pest control company to check your house and attend to it effectively. For residents of Singapore, pest control Singapore is one such company that completely eradicates all pests from your home or office.

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