How to Kill Termites?

Termites are mainly colony pests and they can come in five different ways. The termites actually fed on cellulose. Each and every home has some opportunity to play the host part in this case. Your home can also be the host of this silent killer. Actually termites can appear in wooden material and any kinds of plants without alarming you. You cannot understand their silence presence. There are some kinds of termites that you may find in your home.


These are:

- Damp wood termites
- Cone head termites
- Dry wood termites
- Formosan termites
- Subterranean termites

There are many risks of termites.

Dry wood termites are very common. They live and consume wood within your home. They are dangerous. Subterranean termites can easily build mounds outdoors. They use the extensive tunnel system in order to access your home from the underneath. Actually termites are such threats and they are constant. So, you will have to plan a pest control in order to kill them.

5 ways to kill termites naturally

There are five simple ways to kill the termites naturally. These are:

1. You can use the cardboard trap in order to get rid of the termites.

 2. You will have to eliminate moisture from your wooden furniture. You should keep all these dry and clean in order to stop the growth of the termites.

3. Extreme heat and extreme cold can destroy the termites immediately. You can use the microwave technique and liquid nitrogen method in order to kill the termites fully.

4. You will have to expose all your wooden furniture to sunlight. Proper sunlight can kill the termites. So, at the daytime, you should open all doors and windows in order to pass the sunlight into your rooms.

5. Nematodes are safe to use. It does not harm the environment. It is very much effective to eradicate the termites.


Kill the termites

There are many things that can kill the termites. Termites mainly dwell in damp condition. They act as nuisance in most of the houses. The hot and humid weather are the main reasons for this. The weather of Singapore is hot and humid. The place receives rainfall for most part of the year. It makes a favourable condition for the termites to grow up rapidly. Naturally it becomes headache for the people. Termites control becomes a necessity in order to save your valuable furniture and other things. But the main question is how to get rid of termites in Singapore. There are some chemicals that can kill the termites. But the professional should use these types of chemicals in order to kill the termites.

1. Permethrin Dust:

This particular chemical can give an immediate result. It is very effective for a longer period of time. This chemical is very effective for termites and also very useful for ants, ticks, bag-worms and ground beetles.

2. Arsenic dust:
This chemical is very effective and useful. It can kill termites. Damp wood is the big cause for the growth of the termites. So, you will have to maintain your wooden furniture and save these from catching damp. You should check your wooden floor and furniture in order to avoid the termite attack.

3. Low temperature:
Low temperature can terminate termites from your house. The 20 degree Fahrenheit is an ideal low temperature. You can use the liquid nitrogen in order to bring down the temperature. The low temperature can kill the termites.
4. Flood kills termites: You can simply drown the termites in order to get rid of them. Flood can kill the termites. So, you can dig a mud whole and fill the area with water. The termites can flow away.

5. Sunlight:
Proper and enough sunlight can kill termites. The damp area is the main place for termites. The sunlight can kill them and stop their natural growth in your house. So, at the daytime, you should open your windows in order to pass the sunlight properly into your rooms.

6. Salt kills termites:
Salt is very useful and effective in order to kill the termites. You will have to fill a jar with salt and warm water. The water should be enough salty. You can use a syringe and fill it with the salty warm water. Now you can use this in the affected areas. Termites will surely die out of dehydration. By following these steps, you can kill termites. Killing termites is very necessary in order to live peacefully.


Choose a professional pest control

 You should contact a professional pest control in this case. You can kill termites by applying different techniques. But a professional will do the whole things in a better way. You will gradually know the reason to why choose us for this service. The chemicals are very hazardous. It is dangerous also for our health. So, the professional can do this with some extra precautions. You should hire a professional and knowledgeable person in order to fulfil the process. They will do the whole process very systematically. They first create a trap in order to catch the termites from the varied places. The professional will do their work perfectly. You do not need to take pressure about that.

Anti-termite treatment

 After all kinds of natural home remedies, you will have to use the anti-termite treatment in order to kill the termites and get rid of them. You will have to choose the chemical treatment in order to kill the termites from its root. Anti-termite treatment is very necessary in order to keep your house safe and termite-free. This procedure is the best thing to control their growth and spread.

A professional will help you better in this process. You can also do it by yourself. But an experienced and professional help can ease your overall process. You can relax in your room. After their service you can live peacefully without any kinds of disturbances. Now, you know everything about termites. You can kill easily the termites. The professional will guide you accordingly. They will do the work professionally and skilfully. The experienced people will do the work professionally. You do not take any pressure about that. They will help you to live peacefully and comfortably.

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