How To Kill Ants Naturally?

As you look through your cabinets, the last thing most people like to see is ants swarming around sugar containers. You can easily get tempted to use chemical based pesticides in order to destroy them. This is definitely not the solution since a good number of these pesticides are actually harmful to your health. With this said, one of the best options of killing ants is by using natural means. Seen below are some common methods on how to go about doing it naturally.

How to kill ants naturally

1. Use of water and dish soap.

- Take a bottle and fill it out with dish soap and water.
- The mixture is one part to two parts respectively.
- Shake the solution thoroughly in order to create a good mixture. Immediately you come across any ants, simply spray directly on to the ants and watch them die almost instantly.
- When looking to kill a large number of ants, you can simply set up a dish filled with soapy water then put a trail of sugar leading to the dish.
- This trap will lead the ants into the dish where they will die.
- As a natural insect repellent, soapy water can also kill other insects apart from ants.

2. Mixture of water and Vinegar.

- It is a known fact that ants detest vinegar.
- You can easily come up with a less costly and natural insecticide by simply mixing an equal measure of water and vinegar into a spray bottle.
- Whenever you come across any ants within your home, spray the mixture onto the ants and they will die almost instantly.
- You can then finish off by using a paper towel to wipe off the dead ants.
- This mixture can also act as a form of deterrent. This can be achieved by spraying it across the doorways, around the windowsills and any other areas where the ants can use to gain access into your home.
- There are people who use this mixture to clean out different surfaces such as floors and counter-tops as well as their windows.
- This helps to keep the ants at bay and is also a highly effective household cleaner.

3. Lemon Juice.

- For people who cannot simply stand the smell of vinegar, lemon solution would be the perfect option.
- By spraying this solution around your house, you will be able to keep the ants at bay.
- This is made possible due to the presence of the citric acid within the lemon which ants are averse to.
- For best results, the solution should have a ratio of one part to three with the one part being lemon juice and the rest water.

4. Use of Diatomaceous Earth.

Diatomaceous Earth Hazards Pest Control

- It is a natural and highly effective insecticide.
- It is made from the skeleton remains of tiny algae plants which are crushed into fine powder.
- You can sprinkle it onto different areas of the house.
- When the ants walk across an area sprinkled with this powder, the outer coating of their exoskeletons is scratched off by the fossil shards present in the powder.
- Within a short while their bodies begin to dry out resulting in the death of the ants.
- It is important to ensure that this powder remains dry otherwise it will become ineffective.
- In as much as it is a natural insecticide, it is best to wear a mask when sprinkling it around the house.
- This is to prevent you from breathing in the small particles.
- You should always select the food grade type since there are different grades of Diatomaceous earth with some of them being chemical based.

5. Boric acid.

- It is one hundred percent natural and highly effective when it comes to destroying ants.
- It is available in powder form of either blue or white color.
- For best results, sprinkle it around areas where the ants love such as windowsills, cabinets and various surfaces.
- When ingested by the ants, this acid gets into their stomach and begins to poison it thereby resulting in the death of the ants.
- You can also go directly to their nest and sprinkle the Boric acid there.
- This will destroy the ants once and for all.

By making use of any of the above mentioned natural insecticides, you will not only succeed in destroying the ants walking about in your kitchen cabinets and counter-tops, you will also be doing it in a safe manner.

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