How To Check Sign Of Termites Infection?

Termite is a pest that may happen in every house in Singapore. There are many homeowners who have problems with termites. They are not dangerous for your health. However, they may cause some damages on your property or furniture. Therefore, you need to know how to check some signs of termites infection. You should learn about some termite signs that may occur in your house. By looking at these signs, you should be able to identify any termite infection easily.

How To Check Sign Of Termites Infection?

Here are some common conditions that you should take a look because they may indicate the termite infection.

1. Hollow sounding wood

You can identify the termite attack by looking at your furniture or property. Whenever you can find hollow sounding wood, you should know that there are some termites in your house. Most termites usually spend their time in creating hollow tubes in any wood properties or items. They usually eat the wood material from the inside of your furniture or property. This is the reason why termites can cause significant damage in most properties or furniture. Therefore, you should tap some items that are made from wood material in your house. When the wood sounds hollow, you should notice that there are some termites inside your wood item.

2. Discarded wings in your house

This is another easy way to detect the presence of some termites in your house. There are some discarded wings that may be released by some creatures. These wings usually come from the termite swarmers. They are winged insects that are born to create new colonies of the termites. When you see some undetected discarded wings, you should notice that there are some termites inside your property. Most termites usually release these wings when they are growing up to achieve their adult period.

3. Cracked paint on wood surfaces

Most termites are going to attack any items that are made from wood materials. Therefore, you have to take a look at all wood surfaces that are available in your house. When you see distorted or cracked paint on your wood surfaces, you should be careful with the termite attack. It can be a perfect sign that can show you the termite attack that can cause some damages on your property. This cracked paint usually occurs in certain furniture in your house, including vents, windows, roof siding, and some other wood surfaces.

4. Mud tubes on the walls

When you notice some mud tubes in your exterior walls, you should realize that some termites are attacking your property. Most termites usually build their mud tubes on certain surfaces easily, for example walls, home's foundation, and some other places. They are going to live in these tubes for certain period of time. Most termites also get some foods by eating your exterior walls slowly. You can detect these tubes easily because most termites usually form dirty tubes that you can find on your wall surface. Therefore, you shouldn't have any difficulties to find these tubes on your walls.

5. Termite droppings

Many pest control experts also use this sign for detecting any termites in their clients' houses. This is another easy way to detect any termite attacks. You are going to see a lot of termite droppings on the infested structures, for example wood surface. Most termites usually leave droppings when they consume wood materials. These droppings look similarly as sand and any other coarse materials. Therefore, you can feel the presence of these droppings immediately. These items are usually found around the infested areas. Once you find some of these droppings, you can start working on the affected wood items to remove some termites from these items.

They are some easy methods that you can follow, so you can find some termite attacks easily. Once you find some of these signs, you should contact a professional pest control company in Singapore. There are some companies that can help you remove these termites from your house immediately. They have proven technologies to kill any termites quickly. These termites should be removed from your property as quickly as you can, so you can reduce the property damage caused by these insects. You should make an appointment with your favorite pest control company to eliminate all insects in your house, including these termites.

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