Effective Pest Control Tips to Eradicate Pests

Pests aren't simply an annoyance - they can seriously bring untold problems. This is why insect and bug prevention is vital. Pest infestation normally leads to severe problems like health problem to your family and structural damages to your residential property. Do you come across rodents, bugs, and insects in your place of residence? Are you aware of the most appropriate ways of eradicating them? There are some pests that are breeding, harboring, feeding in your home compound. The ideal way to eradicate such pests is by setting up some eliminating conditions.

Pest Control

Here are pest control tips that will assist in you prolonging the effectiveness of the pest deterrence strategy:

Use pest control technician

If your area is prone to pests infestations then think of hiring an expert to termite such pests. Consider the areas that are highly attacked such as bubbling paint, mud trails, or cracked and wooden trunk that seems hollow when tapped. You can hire pest control expert who has acquired national certifications in termite and pest control to conduct a comprehensive assessment and come up with ideal resolutions for you. Inspect their resume – job experience in pest eradication services and their licenses and

Seal exterior gaps and cracks

Do a thorough inspection of your home structure for other gaps, crevices, and cracks through which nuisance pests could enter. Inspect for foundation missing roof shingles, loose siding, cracks and unnecessary spaces around utility channels, including cable wiring, electric and pipes. Seal unnecessary gaps with coarse steel wool, mortar, sheet metal or copper mesh. Because some pests can squeeze themselves through tiny gaps and cracks, check and renovate any broken or warped windows and doors Rodents and another little pest can find their way into your room through these crack and openings.

Seal interior Gaps

Some gaps and cracks can be easily seen only from inside the house. Inspect behind, and under the refrigerators, stoves, in kitchen cabinets, between wall juncture and the floor and around dryer vents, floor, and pipes. Seal every opening found, specifically those of 0.25 inch and above.

Pest Control

Routine removal of litter and trash

Keep decks, garages, patios, and yards free of trash, stagnant water and weeds. Make sure trash containers have tight-fitting tops and wash the containers and compound frequently to eradicate spills and debris, in which pests could breed. Maintain litters in fitted tops rubbish bins to ensure that all trashes are thrown away every day to inhibit pests.

Proper draining

Termites and cockroaches like moisture. However, spotting and eliminating any fix leakages and stagnant water. Likewise, floor and sink drain normally accumulate debris and gunk which can lure pests and create a possible breeding ground, specifically for flies. Also get rid of empty bottles, containers, which can accumulate water to inhibit mosquitoes from breeding. All pests
require moisture to survive, while other pests like mosquitoes need standing water so as to lay their eggs and as well as completing their life cycle.

Likewise, some other pests depend on water to weaken and damage wood as they intend to build nests inside the wooden truck. Regularly inspection for leaking pipes should be done by the plumber. Additionally, you should inspect the seals
all over your toilets and bathtubs. If the caulk is deteriorating and old, remove it to inhibit infestations.

Gutters can be another source of moisture from outside. It should not clog with rainwater. However, proper draining must be done. The overlooked crawlspaces can also bring moisture.

The ideal inspectors should make use moisture meters in order gauge if conditions are encouraging for infestations. The termites, fungus, and wood destroying insect will colonize humid wood. Examine and keep laundry room, tub, all sink, and basement floor drain.

Routine trimming and pruning of thick trees

Maintain tree branches properly-trimmed. This could allow some crawling pests such as cockroaches and ants to crawl into your room through such branches. However, routine trimming of shrubs and tree branches can help in eliminating the pest.

Avoid making use of more pest-attractive mulch

Mulch, such as pine straw and wood chips offers possible inhabitant for pests. Instead of making use such mulch, it is advisable that you place to rock or stone ground cover which is less pest-attractive.

Recycled Items

It is advisable to keep recyclables items far away from your residential premises. Alternatively, make sure that all cans are carefully cleaned, wiped and dumped into recycling bin which features tight-fitting tops. Not only will litter give pests a hidden spot to stay but it will hide the problem. Seldom disturbed and observed stored boxes can allow the growth of pest infestations
Specific attention needs to be made especially when natural fiber and storing wool items as such items are ideal for dermestid beetles, clothing moths and carpet. Silverfish eat wallpaper, glue, books, and paper. Consequently, you must regularly get rid of newspapers and some other things kept for recycling. All trash and recycling containers must be cleaned frequently and rodent proof.

Pest Control

Use high-pressure halogen or sodium vapor light

To deter flying pests around windows and doors, use halogen lights instead of usual mercury vapor lights. Pink, orange tints or yellow bulbs are less likely to attract flying insects. It is also advisable to install pole lights far away with the bulb facing the door instead of placing them near the door on the exterior walls.


Clean home not only has a less likelihood of attracting pests but also prevent them from breeding and living. Avoid leaving food leftovers on the floor, bin, and kitchen countertop. Clean them daily. Also, avoid leaving dirty dishes and cutleries in the sink as they will attract flies and cockroaches.

Proper foods storage

Always store food in air-tight bowls as cockroaches and ants are attracted to water and food sources. Again, older foods should be eaten first and discard uneaten foods or out stale to assist in keeping attractants down.

Check outdoor Furniture and Swings regularly

Regularly inspect the corners and chains of your outdoor furniture and swing sets for egg sacks and spider webs. Eradicate them!


With above pest control tips, all nuisance pests like a spider, mouse, cockroach, mosquito, and ants will be eradicated from your yard and home.

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