6 Myths On Bed Bugs in Singapore

Bed bugs are unpleasant pests that are mostly found in mattresses on the beds that people sleep on. These can raid your house even when it is clean and you have not practiced any effective preventive measures towards their control. There is however a lot of false information that is spread about the bugs, that you need to be on the look out for to get the appropriate information.

Bed bugs myths

Below are the 6 months on the bugs in Singapore:

The bugs are only found on beds
One of the most common myths on the bugs is the fact that they are only found in beds. This is perhaps from their name but this is not true because their infestation spreads wide and fast in various rooms in the house. They normally have a remarkable growth rate and in addition to the bed they can also be found in floor cracks, furniture, wall cracks and any other place that provides the ideal breeding environment for the bugs. Incase you spot them; it is recommended that you seek professional services to take care of them.

The bugs are invisible
There are very many people who think that the bed bugs are invisible thus cannot be spotted with ease incase they ever infest the home. There is no truth behind this because even though they are small they are not really microscopic. The offspring can be quite small but the adults' measure up to 5 mm which is similar to the size of the seeds that are found in apples. They can also be easily identified as they had a covering that is reddish brown.

The third myth that surrounds the bugs concerns the place that a person resides in. There are some people who believe that you can only find the bed bugs in the low income neighborhoods or in houses where people do not practice adequate hygiene. The truth is that the bugs cannot distinguish between an exclusive and lousy neighborhood. They can find their way to your house even when you are squeaky clean especially if you have direct connection to other houses back yard connections, sewers, pipes and other things like this. A person can also pick them up when traveling.

They don't attack people who have metal beds
There are some people who believe that they cannot suffer from bed bugs attack when they have metal beds. This is not true as they can still thrive in cracks in the walls and floors as well as other places in the house

A person can handle the infestation on their own
It is possible to take care of the problem temporarily on your own. However if you want to do away with the problem for good, you have to call in experts who know how to take care of the situation.

Bedbugs are resistant to commercial pesticides
Another common myth about the bugs is the fact that they are resistant to commercial pesticides. The truth is they can grow resistance when the pesticide is over used by experts normally come up with new systems to take care of them.

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