5 Ways To Prevent Termites Damage

Singapore is famous of termite's infestation and this has made people to come up with underprivileged ways of preventing the spread of the pests. If you are facing the trouble of termites while living in Singapore, the following are the 5 Ways to prevent termites damage in your home.

Preventing Termite Damage

1. Inspect any home for the Signs of infestation frequently:
First step for the prevention of termite damage is to avoid the infestation. You must frequently check personal home for infestation termite's signs. You may also seek services of an expert exterminator in Singapore to assure you that your home/ house is free from any termite attack. Some of the termites signs to watch out are:

i) Finding any sawdust under the wooden furniture or even near wooden structures
ii) Small holes and even cracks in window frames , walls, or floors
iii) Drooping patchy floors and wood beams

As an extra tip, you need to inspect repeatedly your home's roof vents, siding, foundation, and windows. In any case, your home foundation has cracks, provide sufficient ventilation for those termites to develop their colonies.

2. Remove any sources of moisture:
Termite species often thrive in the moisture-rich areas, and types of termites that depend on water sources. For the above reason, you need to ensure that your home has no leaks or even broken pipes, especially in basement area, attic, or laundry room. These areas often provide termites a good living environment. Moreover, ensure that your downpipes and drainage are in perfect condition.

3. Keep Away Mulch From Your Home:
Mulch attracts Termites because of because of rich cellulose. When you are required to use mulch in garden, ensure you to keep it far from the foundation of house to avoid weep holes and covering vents. Apply enough mulch to prevent an attack of termites.

4. Ensure you Use wood that is termite-resistant wood when constructing your new constructions:
Make sure you termite resistant wood when constructing your new homes. You can construct your home using treated wood since this will put off termites. Alternatively, you can use termite-resistant timber wood. The other options available in Singapore include turpentine tree, white cypress and tea tree. For the house foundation, use termite-resistant concrete, steel, or granite.

5. Reduce Contact between Wood and Earth:
Termites often create tunnels in the soil. This enables them to access easily moisture. To stop these termites from reaching your home, you need prevent the wooden structures from any direct contact with ground. Through this, no termite will get into your house. As a special tip, you need to ensure that your house foundations are far from termite. Raise all decks, and even wooden structures to prevent them away from the termites.

With these few but best termites termite control, termites prevention, you can avoid incurring any huge loss from the pest damages. Identifying probable termite infestation before employing services of a qualified exterminator for a regular inspection are some of the best ways to make sure that these insects do not cause any severe damage to your house or home in Singapore.

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