6 Myths Of Aedes Mosquitoes

aedes mosquitoes is a genus of the existing mosquitoes and it is initially found in the sub- tropical and tropical zones of the world. However, due to the united tire trade around the world the mosquitoes have managed to spread to all other continents including the new world continents such as the United States of America and United Kingdom. They have spread to these locations as they situate themselves on the tires being traded and also lay their eggs there, by the time the eggs hatch they have already arrived at the New World continents and will spread out and continue to reproduce when living in the New world continents.

Myths Of Aedes Mosquito

aedes mosquitoes are easy to identify through the visual appearance of black and white markings on their legs and main bodies. They are mostly active during the day and will thus attack the human being during the day by biting them in order to extract blood for consumption. Through this act aedes mosquitoes are known to transmit very severe diseases to the human beings such as yellow fever, chikungunya and dengue fever. Each of these health diseases can be cured if treated early but there have been several reported deaths due to lack of early detection. The best ways to avoid these infections is by first getting vaccinations and then making sure to not have any stagnant water in the environment lying around as well as utilize pesticides especially the one without any odor to kill the mosquitoes that are currently in the environment.

Six myths of Aedes mosquitoes

1. aedes mosquitoes prefers to be in an environment surrounded with filthy and dirty water.

This myth is false as many believe that leaving stagnant clean water is much better that leaving the dirty filthy water. aedes mosquitoes is reported to actually like breeding in stagnant clean water than in dirty filthy water and thus leaving stagnant clean water is really entertaining their presence much more.

2. aedes mosquitoes can cause the individual to have dengue fever which are malaria.

There is only one truth in this myth and that is that aedes mosquitoes can cause dengue fever to an individual. However, it is not true at all dengue is same with malaria as are very different diseases.

3. During the rainy seasons aedes mosquitoes tend to manifest themselves mostly then.

This myth is again proved to be wrong. Singapore is one of the nations that does experience rainy seasons every year and aedes mosquitoes are seen to generally appear in their multitudes during this season. However, this does not mean that in the non – rainy season they are still not existent in their multitude. This only means that they are highly noticeable in the rainy season due to the level of sickness that arises during the cold season.

4. Once bitten by Aedes mosquitoes and result to becoming sick, that never becoming sick again.

This myth is however false and the Singapore citizens do believe that once they have been bitten by aedes mosquitoes and become sick you never becoming sick again. It is only true that if you acquire a straining health disease from this bite you never have to suffer a similar strain again but it is not true that you never fall sick again.

5. The diseases caused by aedes mosquitoes are contagious.

This is clearly confused in many ways. It is true that if aedes mosquitoes bites you with any of the infectious diseases mentioned above you will become sick, it is also true that if this same mosquito bites an infected person and then goes and bites a non- infected person it will transmit this disease to the non- infected person. However, it is very false that an infected person with any of these diseases can directly infect another person.

6. Living in high rise buildings will protect you from aedes mosquitoes.

It is believed so as aedes mosquitoes are reported to not fly very high. However, this myth is overridden by the fact that the mosquitoes can travel to high buildings part through the elevator and thus they can travel anywhere.


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