How To Avoid Bed Bugs From Coming Home?

Having bed bugs in your home is a huge problem. Not only do they cause skin irritations or sleepless nights, eliminating any bed bug infestation in your home can also be costly. This is why you should always maintain cleanliness in your homes and avoid keeping items that should be thrown away.

Preventing Bed Bugs From Coming Home

However, no matter how careful you are at keeping your home in Singapore clear from bed bugs, these nasty pests can still find their way into your house. If one of your household members stay overnight at a friend's home, or if you stay in a hotel during a business trip, any bed bugs that are present in those places can cling on your clothes or luggage and can eventually be brought back to your clean and infestation-free home. So, how do you keep your home in Singapore free from bed bugs in spite of these? Here are some tips that can be very helpful to you.

-Use luggage that is made of hard material.
Bed bugs can easily cling on fabric and any other soft material, but less likely on hard-sided bags.

-If you are staying in a hotel, research about that place first.

If previous guests have experienced being bitten by bugs during their stay there, or complained about unclean rooms, then you should stay away from that hotel and find a better alternative.

-Use a bed bug repellent spray.
You can spray this on your luggage before your trip to ensure that bed bugs will stay away from your bags. You can also use this spray on the carpets, mattresses, curtains, and upholstery in your home, so that in case you do bring back some bed bugs, they will not live long enough once they get in your home.

-When you get home, do not bring your luggage straight inside your house.

Empty it first and vacuum it completely.

-Wash all the clothes that you bring back home, whether they are soiled or not.
Bugs do not cling on your skin but on your clothes, so they will often be found in your luggage and belongings. Use hot water when you rinse your clothes to ensure that any bed bugs that is present there is killed.

-For items that cannot be laundered like books or magazines that are included in your luggage, you can place these items inside plastic bags and then put them in the freezer for 5 days or more.
 Extreme temperatures are effective in killing bed bugs and their eggs.

-When staying in a hotel or visiting distant relatives, keep your clothes inside your suitcase.

They are safer from bugs if kept there, especially if you have sprayed your bags with bug repellent. Remember that bed bugs can also thrive in closets, curtains, and upholstery, so taking out your clothes and placing them in hotel drawers or closets will make them vulnerable to bugs.

-Since electronic items cannot be washed nor placed in the freezer, you should inspect them thoroughly once you get home

Bed bugs can also lurk in the crevices of your gadgets and devices.

Cleanliness is the key to keeping your homes bed bug free. Always maintain a sanitary environment inside your home and practice the same even if you are staying in other places.

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