What Kind Of Pests Are Most Dangerous To Dogs?

Dogs, like in any place in the world, are the most popular pets in Singapore. In fact, almost every household in Singapore is protected by a trusted domestic canine. Despite the dramatic increase of dog population in the mentioned country through the years, it's alarming to know that only a few owners truly has sufficient knowledge in taking good care of their pets. The sad part is that majority of pet lovers in Singapore are not even aware about the various parasites that can harm their precious dogs. A dog is more than a guard but an extended member of the family so protecting him from all sort of risks particularly pest infestation is crucial. Have you ever wondered which of among the many pests often found on dogs is the most lethal? Browse through this article and know more about the three common pests on dogs so you can determine which of them requires your attention the most.

What Kind Of Pests Are Most Dangerous To Dogs


Fleas need to travel from one host to another in order to survive. These pests have a decent jumping range making it easy for them to relocate among several dogs. The dog's blood will serve as the main element for fleas to multiply. Eggs will then be laid on the dog's fur and often dropped on his common sleeping areas. What made fleas so dangerous is their fast production rate. If left unattended, your dog can suffer and die from severe blood loss due to these parasites. Although solving flea infestation is possible by simply grooming your pet regularly, the number of fatalities of dogs in Singapore associated with this issue is still on the rise since most owners simply don't have enough time to cater their dog's needs.


No other pest can cause immense physical damage to a dog compared to mites. These parasites are known culprits of mange and scabies on both pets and humans. Mites often breed on the face, ears, legs, and secluded areas of the body. Signs of infestation include severe itching, skin lesions, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Prevention is better than cure if we talk about mites. Your dog might survive their infestation but it will leave him severely injured which takes several months or even years to fully recover. Proper grooming can help keep mites at bay. If you notice signs of possible mite infestation, consult a veterinarian at once so he can help you formulate an effective solution before things get out of hand.


Ticks are easy to spot and rarely stay on one host during its life cycle. Nevertheless, this does not mean they are a minimal threat to your dog. Unlike fleas, ticks only stay on their host to feed. They drop off once full and breed on hidden areas near their host. This stealthy approach is one of the main reasons why ticks are not easy to deal with. Totally getting rid of them requires the help of a reputable pest control company especially if your house has various areas fitted to serve as their breeding place.

Which of these parasites is the most lethal to dogs?

All of the parasites mentioned above can threaten the life of your precious dog if you fail to take action in the least possible time. However, mites tend to be more dangerous because of the serious level of damage they can set forth to your pet and the small amount of time required for their offspring to mature.

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