Termites Control in Singapore

Termites Control in Singapore

Termites are often labelled as ‘Hidden Destroyer’, as it hide and destroy without any immediate sign of damage. They require mainly three factors to fight for survive – Optimal temperature, food and moisture. Unfortunately, house became their ideal conditions.

Firstly, do not panic if you found termite activity at your residential building. Termites cause an impact in our financial cost almost every year. It is one the most destructive threat that an owner could face. It basically feed on wood, books and etc. Secondly, selecting the right termite control company is essential as it will get rid of your termite problem thoroughly and means paying the exact price for the service.

So can I try to treat my termites myself?

It is advisable not to get rid of termites by yourself. As it requires special skills and knowledge to identify the areas where termites enter and hide at place which is difficult to access. In short, termite control is a job for professionals. Owners who do not wish to pay additional costs, the best way is to invest on a professional pest control to aid you and your valuable property.

Pest Control Singapore understands that choosing the right termite control company can be a frustrating decision. The advantage is that termites feed on a long period of time and slowly, this will enable you to have more time to evaluate, but NEVER IGNORE. There are a range of companies to choose, but most importantly they should be licensed. Different companies will offer different package of treatments and warranties. Ask if the company you selected provide guarantee for their termites’ treatment and any form of re-treatment if required.

Few tips to consider before engaging the right termite control company:-
1. Seek quotation from at least 2-3 companies.
2. Compare the type of services, warranty and price.
3. Understand the background of the company and the experience.
4. Narrow down to one selected company.
5. Your selected company has liability insurance?
6. Do not hesitate to ask if you are in doubt.

It is still strongly recommended to engage the right termite control company; they will utilize special and powerful equipment to assist you. You should request help for a FREE on-site quotation and after inspections, you will better understand which species invaded your property before providing you with any treatment.

If you are unsure whether having a problem with termites in your house, seek help from Pest Control Singapore, we are definitely willing to assist you to provide a healthier and cleaner environment!

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