6 Tips On Termites Prevention

Termites are the most disturbing and unwanted pests that appear in many homes in Singapore. When they infest a home they cause severe destruction and make the home insecure for living. Equipments made of timber such as furniture are the most affected ones especially if the termites are not discovered immediately. This leads to great economic losses. Singapore is one of the countries known to experience high level of termite infestations. This has made people device several ways to control the infestations in their homes. Below are five tips you can use for termites prevention in your home. 

6 Tips On Termite Prevention

1. Carry out frequent inspection of signs of termite infestation
This is the first and most important step towards termites prevention in your property. The inspection involves checking the entire home for any signs that might show that there might be termite infestation in any area of your home. If you do not have the skills and knowledge on how to do the inspection by yourself, there are many professional services in Singapore that can do it for you at a cost. It is good to use such companies offering the services because they have experts with the ability to detect even slight signs of infestation. Some of the signs of termite infestation include:

· Presence of sawdust under items made of timber or other wooden structures.
· Small cracks or wholes in cracks, floor or window frames.
· Falling patchy wood beams and patchy floors.

2. Ensure your home does not have any sources of moisture
t is good to note that there are species of termites that thrive well in areas that have a lot of moisture and depend on the water sources for their survival. Because of this, it is good to ensure your home is free of any broken or leaking pipes. Check for any sources of water in the basement, laundry room or attic because these are the areas that can offer the termites a conducive living environment. The entire home drainage system should be working properly. 

3. Avoid having mulch in your home
Most people in Singapore have the tendency to have home gardens that have mulch. You need to note that mulch contain cellulose that attracts the termites. If you have to use mulch, ensure that it is placed far away from the foundation of the house to prevent covering vents and weep holes where the termites can thrive. 

4. Use termite resistant wood for construction at home
Wood constructions have become popular in Singapore with the introduction of several types of woods for building. Ensure that you use wood that resist the termites when constructing the home or any other items at home. Treated wood is effective for construction because it puts off the termites. There are several options available in Singapore, for example, white cypress, tea tree and turpentine tree. When building the house foundation, you can use termite resistant steel, granite or concrete as a ways of termites prevention in your home.

5. Ensure that there is minimal or no contact between wood and earth

Termites have the tendency of creating tunnels in the soil. The tunnels make it easy for them to access moisture. To ensure that the termites do not have access to your home, it is good to prevent the wooden structures from coming into contact with the ground. This will ensure that no termite will get into your house. You can do this by raising all decks and other wooden structures to prevent them from the termites.

6. Store firewood away from your home
Firewood offers a conducive living environment for termites where they can breed easily within a very short time. It is, therefore, advisable to store the firewood away from your house to prevent them from getting access to your house after breeding in the firewood. It is also good to ensure that the firewood do not get into direct contact with the ground as this increases chances of termite infestation and breeding. 

By using the above six tips for termites prevention, you avoid loses and damages caused by pest damages. Identifying and eliminating them before they cause any damage is the most effective way to ensure that your in home Singapore is safe and secure. Hire the most reputable services such as pest control Singapore to do the inspection and extermination for sustainable solutions against the termites.


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