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5 Effective Pest Control Tips

How do I get rid of ants from my house? Apparently, this is a question almost every homeowner in Singapore is asking. Depending on where you live, ants' infestation is an all year problem but you can avoid this problem if you take proper white ants, pest control measures. But before you embark on the control measures, you first need to understand the behaviour of ants.

Ants operate in colonies consisting of the queens- egg-laying ants, sterile females who are the workers and short-lived males. Those ants that you often see them foraging in your kitchen or garden are the workers. Whenever these workers find food, they communicate to the rest by leaving a chemical message behind as they crawl back. You cannot smell or see the chemical message and it will stay for a long time in order to help other ants to trace the food. Another thing to note is that ants develop wings during spring season to enable them to fly to new locations in the search of food and shelter.

Having learnt their behavior, now you are in a better position to control them.
Here are 5 important tips you need to stick to if you need a long-term white ants, pest control solution.

First, you need to seal all the cracks and crevices in your house. These are entry points for ants and when they are sealed, these pests won't have access to your house.

Second, spray these entry points with detergents followed by a residual insecticide. This is to distract the trail phenomenon so that ants will no longer have a communication into your house.

These two tips will help you control ants that are living outside your house from invading in. For those that nest inside your house, use the following measures.

Third, always ensure that you keep your floor, tables, and kitchen work surfaces clean from crumbs, spills and other dirt. Sweep or wipe even the smallest crumb because that tiny crumb can attract a bunch of white ants. If your child spills juice, make sure that it is quickly wiped with water and a little bit of mild dish soap. Juice is sugary and it an ant activator. Dish soap on the other hand is an enemy of ants. Use it to clean spills.

Forth, if you keep food stuff on your kitchen counter such as sugar, coffee, floor and what have you, make sure that you keep them in tightly sealed containers. For dirty dishes that you've used for dinner, make a point of cleaning them before you head to bed. Ants like to come out in the dark and when they find dirty utensils on the counter or on the sink, you won't like it.

Lastly, you need to make sure that the bowls you use to feed your pets and clean and also replaced every other time. When left dirty, they attract pests like ants.

You can also use natural repellents to control white ants. There are foods products like cinnamon, citrus, mint tea, and lemon juice but make sure that it doesn't contain sugar. You can also use plants such as lavender, rosemary, garlic, clove, camphor, bee balm; atlas…the list is endless.

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